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Neal W. Cheek

November 19, 2003

Neal Cheek: ‘I’m basically a working man’ Maybe there is no such thing as an ordinary life. Or, for that matter, an ordinary job. Neal Cheek doesn’t think so. And people who get to know Cheek and get to see … Continued

Virginia M. Baillif

November 5, 2003

A ‘valuable presence in our lives’ If there is such a thing as a home away from home, maybe it’s possible for there to be a mom away from mom, too. There are as many as 80 students inside Spencer … Continued

Asta E. Crowe

October 22, 2003

Something to Crowe about Asta Crowe has ably handled a variety of duties over four decades, earning a C. Knox Massey Award Considering the way Asta Crowe grew up, it might have seemed hard to imagine, even for her, that … Continued

Joseph Stevens Ferrell

September 24, 2003

Hitting pay dirt: Joe Ferrell earns a Massey Joseph S. Ferrell never forgot the first time he laid eyes on Carolina. The year was 1948, the occasion a football game that his parents took him to along with his sister. … Continued