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Sandra W. Caulberg

December 15, 2004

Patience and generosity the legacy of Caulberg’s tenure Sandra Caulberg isn’t going to tell you why she’s so good at her job. She’ll be perfectly happy to tell you about her job, or about the University, or about her family. … Continued

David R. Perry

November 17, 2004

David Perry: a rock of stability in a sea of change The University’s School of Medicine is a $650 million-a-year enterprise with more than 3,300 employees, which makes it roughly a third of the University anyway you cut it. Perry There … Continued

Avon Seymore

November 3, 2004

The Finishing Touch On a sunny Monday morning in late October, Avon Seymore and Tom Jenswold drove out to the little nursery by University Lake to dig up a magnolia tree. It was a tree both men were familiar with. … Continued

Elizabeth B. Taylor

October 6, 2004

Orchestrating Graduation Several stacks of papers occupy the surface of Betsy Taylor’s desk, but it seems that infinitely more clutter ought to crowd her workspace. At first glance, her job seems so simple — review the requirements for all candidates … Continued

David R. Godschalk

September 15, 2004

Still walking the talk: The gospel according to Godschalk is smart growth For a time after David Godschalk started lecturing at the University, he and his wife Lallie lived in a rented log cabin on the outskirts of Chapel Hill. … Continued

Linda A. Naylor

September 1, 2004

Linda Naylor finds a nest in South Building It took Linda Naylor a long time to settle in one place. Of course, for a long time she never had any say in the subject of where she lived. During the … Continued