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Diane J. Taylor served three chancellors and three deans of the College of Arts and Sciences, the University’s oldest and largest academic unit, during more than 25 years of service in South Building.

As of 1994, she supervised the staff of the arts and sciences dean’s office, managed personnel and policy matters for the college’s approximately 2,000 faculty and staff employees, served as the dean’s liaison within and outside the college and handled her unit’s contracts and grants.

“She is the soul of helpfulness, courtesy and grace, cheerful and warm, intelligent and incisive, reliable and discreet, utterly dependable and trustworthy,” her citation read.

One force guides her service to the University: “passionate devotion to the University and its people,” the citation said. “She has become that most useful of colleagues — one who not only accurately and comprehensively knows and recalls institutional policies, practices and programs, but who remembers also how and why they came to be.”

Taylor earned a bachelor’s degree in English and history from Carolina in 1964.

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