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Winsome in person and in every dealing on the University’s behalf, Sarah Virginia “Peaches” Dunlap was cheerfully painstaking in every detail, but sensitively energetic and imaginative in support of Dean Walter Reece Berryhill (dean from 1941 to 1964) through the years of transition and growth from a two-year to a four-year School of Medicine.  She continued to be helpful to the school even in her years away as executive secretary of the Markle Foundation, and was a fastidious idealist as Secretary of the University, assistant secretary of the Board of Trustees and in service to the search committee for a new chancellor. Dunlap was a fitting recipient of one of the first C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards. In 1987, she was also recognized for her University service with a William Richardson Davie Award and a General Alumni Association Distinguished Service Medal.

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