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Wayne R. Jones joined the University in 1972. As associate vice chancellor for finance, he was responsible for administering the accounting, reporting and financial management of the University.

He had twice served as acting vice chancellor for business and finance, in 1982 and from May 1988 to June 1989. Jones also played a key role in guiding the University’s endowment over the $100 million mark and developing a unique sophisticated cash-management and short-term investment system.

Jones’ citation praised his role in “keeping us clear of financial flotsam and jetsam, in bringing us through the banks and shoals of investment, while taking the lead in octupling the University’s endowment. … He is himself a modest and quiet man of keen intelligence and diligent preparation.”

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, native is a certified public accountant and earned a B.S. degree in commerce from the University of Virginia.

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