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The C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards recognize University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees each year for unusual, meritorious or superior contributions.

In 2021, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz honored the following eight University employees with C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards. The winners each receive a $10,000 stipend and a citation, presented by Chancellor Guskiewicz at the annual luncheon.

To learn more about the six recipients, read the announcement story on The Well, the news and information website for faculty and staff. Profiles of the winners will be published in June.

Shayna Hill
Former Employee Forum chair and Massey Award winner Shayna Hill has tirelessly advocated for University staff during a dark and difficult period.
Sibby Anderson-Thompkins
Massey Award recipient Sibby Anderson-Thompkins is a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion, from her days as a Carolina student throughout her career.
Teresa Golson
Housekeeper Teresa Golson received a Massey Award for 22 years of service to the University and helping the North Carolina Botanical Garden stay clean and safe for visitors during the pandemic.
Vanessa Mitchell
Massey Award winner Vanessa Mitchell, computer support analyst at the UNC School of Social Work, is known for her high-quality work, self-improvement and helping others succeed.
James Holman
Massey Award recipient James Holman has spent his career at Carolina advocating for his fellow employees.
Sandra Foxx
The email looked suspicious, but when housekeeper Sandra Foxx finally opened it, she got the surprise of her life.
Dr. Mario Ciocca
Sports Medicine Director Dr. Mario Ciocca, a 2021 Massey Award winner, helped keep student-athletes healthy, safe and competitive during the pandemic.
Kathy James
Whether it’s driving through a snowstorm to rescue a stranded nurse visiting from Malawi or supporting world-class infectious disease faculty, 2021 Massey Award winner Kathy James is all about helping.