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The C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards recognize University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees each year for unusual, meritorious or superior contributions.

In 2022, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz honored the following six University employees with C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards. The winners each received a $10,000 stipend and a citation, presented by Chancellor Guskiewicz at the annual luncheon.

To learn more about the six recipients, read the announcement story on The Well, the news and information website for faculty and staff.

Amir Barzin Amir Barzin
Massey Award winner Amir Barzin has been at the forefront of Carolina’s response to the COVID-19 global health crisis. He led UNC Health’s Respiratory Diagnostic Center to deliver rapid testing early in the pandemic, all while continuing to provide exemplary care to his patients.
Stacy Davis Stacy Davis
Massey Award recipient Stacy Davis joined the Carolina’s Institute for Marine Sciences in Morehead City in 1996 as a research vessel captain and, since 2011, has served as facilities manager.
Trevaughn Eubanks Trevaughn Eubanks
A proud Carolina alumna and Massey Award winner, Trevaughn Eubanks has spent her entire professional life on campus. As the former administrative manager for the Sonja Haynes Stone Center for Black Culture and History, she worked with multiple directors and helped realize the vision of a permanent home for the center.
Susan Fiscus Susan Fiscus
Past director of the Retrovirology Core Laboratory and current Massey Award recipient, Susan Fiscus retired in 2014 after 25 years of service. Six years later she returned to service and joined Amy James Loftis to tackle an immense challenge — building the UNC COVID Surveillance Lab.
Amy James Loftis Amy James Loftis
Working with her longtime mentor and fellow Massey Award recipient Susan Fiscus, Amy James Loftis helped build the UNC COVID Surveillance Lab, a key part of the Carolina Together Testing Program, from scratch in less than three months.
Mark Moon Mark Moon
If you’ve stepped on campus, you have seen Massey winner Mark Moon’s passion for Carolina — in the sidewalks freshly cleared of snow, beautiful flowers by the Old Well, power-washed buildings and chairs on the field at Commencement.