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The criterion is “unusual, meritorious or superior contribution made by an employee, past or present, to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.”

You may make your nomination by filling out and submitting the online form. You will be required to enter your ONYEN and password to access this form. (If you have support materials not covered with the online form, you may send them to the address provided below*.)

Deadline for 2023 nominations is Feb. 10, 2023. Nominations are accepted year-round, and any received after the deadline will be held for consideration in 2024.


You may also make your nomination via a letter to the address provided below*. If you do choose to send a letter instead of using the online form, be sure to include the following information:

  1. Name of the proposed recipient.
  2. Whether a present or past University employee (if past, an indication of the dates when the nominee was employed).
  3. A brief description of the service rendered and why it is thought to be a contribution sufficiently “unusual, meritorious or superior” to deserve an award.
  4. Signature of the nominator or seconder.
    • Note: Signatures are not required for nominations and seconds submitted via the online form, as the form requires an Onyen login. You do not need to send a signed copy if you submitted online.

*Please send all letters and support materials to:
Piper Finn
C. Knox Massey Distinguished Service Awards Committee
CB # 6100, 208 West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-2520