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Charles Streeter

October 13, 2022

Streeter manages more than 30,000 database records that enable Carolina students to stay connected and informed about their student life. In 2013, he was elected chair of the Employee Forum, overseeing its budget, goals, planning and activities. His many contributions … Read more

Dave Stevens

October 13, 2022

Stevens is described as “wise,” “kind” and “entrepreneurial,” and in the words of another nominator, his impact on Kenan-Flagler Business School has been “transformative.” His achievements as head of financial reporting and planning, information technology, human resources and facility planning … Read more

Sherry Salyer

October 13, 2022

Salyer is heralded by her nominators as a talented professor, an outstanding leader and an especially generous and skilled mentor in the department of exercise and sport science. “She is a caring person who has gone above and beyond the … Read more

Delmazine McAdoo

October 13, 2022

McAdoo works to improve the quality of life for students in Connor Residence Hall in the Connor Community. Noted for her outstanding job performance and extraordinary warmth and friendliness, McAdoo is described by her nominators as “always upbeat” and “compassionate … Read more

San San Lwin

October 13, 2022

Lwin’s true passion is looking after students in McIver Residence Hall in the Kenan Community. “She not only loves and cares about her job, but she also loves and cares about us, the residents of Kenan Community,” wrote a nominator. … Read more

Allison Legge

October 13, 2022

Legge helps Carolina build a high-caliber student body from more than 45,000 first-year applicants and 2,500 transfer applicants each year. Known as a “consummate professional” and someone who “sets an unfailingly positive example,” she served the University as a member … Read more

Hal Dean Mann

July 9, 2019

April 1997 As supervisor of the instrument shop for the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Mann was responsible for building and maintaining scientific instruments. He also administered a shop technique course for graduate students and services 50 other University departments. … Read more