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In 1977, Frances A. Weaver was hired as assistant University archivist in the manuscripts department at Wilson Library.

She shared responsibility for arranging and indexing the three million items that made up the official documents of the University. Those documents included correspondence, memorandums and minutes of meetings. The records frequently are used in research by administrators to find background about policy questions, by faculty and students for academic work, and by the public during searches for information including genealogies.

Weaver also has been a member of the Friends of the Library, one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the nation, since 1980 and now serves as executive secretary. As an officer, she works to promote the accomplishments of the University library and make the public and others aware of its needs.

In both her roles, Weaver “is one of that rare company of servants of the University so warmly drawn to it and to its people that every task she takes up is touched with freshness and worthwhile insight for all those she helps,” her award citation said.

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