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Maj. Charles E. Mauer was chosen for the award for the interest, concern and good-tempered care with which he performed his duties despite the long hours and unpredictable nature of his work.

“Where there is traffic to control or order to maintain in a crowd, where there are visiting dignitaries to escort and safeguard or a misbehaving student to gentle and bring into line, where there is danger and difficulty ― in all those places and situations he is to be found, leading his officers and befriending everyone,” his citation read.

“As Vice Chancellor Womack has remarked, he has the unique talent of being a policeman in a place that by its very nature doesn’t think it needs one.”

Mauer served as the official police chief of the University and oversaw 40 sworn officers, seven security guards and four dispatchers. He joined the University in 1965 as a police officer and was named major in 1981.

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